Welcome to Zeitgeist Images, the home of artwork by Mark Fairhurst.

Started in August 2012, Mark's work exploded onto the scene after being featured in London's top daily newspaper, Metro News, when it featured his Deco style images of the London Olympics.

The Olympic series, signed by some of the British Olympic Team, helped raise £7,000 for The Bobby Moore Fund : Tackling Bowel Cancer at a Charity sports quiz in London.

Focusing on emotion and motion, his ability to include drama, humour and romance in his images has attracted customers around the world. Special editions have been commissioned by Madison Genesis cycling team and Castelli Café.

All images are limited to 50 copies each, signed, numbered, and embossed with an artist's logo. If you see a print without any of these, you have a fake!

All work featured is the legal copyright of Mark Fairhurst ©. Reproduction or re-sale in any form is prohibited without permission.