April 2013

Very proud to announce the collaboration between Zeitgeist Images and Castelli

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January 2013

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December 2012

Not long after launching my work through Zeitgeist Images in August 2012, I was approached by Madison Genesis to talk about producing a bespoke image for their new cycle team.

The speed at which Dominic Langan and Kellie Parsons at Madison have moved on this special project has been incredible.

If this is how the Madison Genesis team performs in 2013, they have a great future.

Mark Fairhurst : December 2012

Genesis Madison

Unknown artist helps raise £7,000 for Bobby Moore Cancer Charity:

Only having started producing artwork in August 2012, Mark Fairhurst's deco style imagesraised the highest single amount at a gala sports quiz for the Bobby Moore Cancer Fund at The Brewery in London in November.

Mark Fairhurst's six Olympic artworks were signed by the likes of David Weir, Usian Bolt, Boris Johnson and Max Bik and forced the fastest and highest bidding of the night.

Four more pieces will be sold at a similar event in Manchester early 2013.

Mark's work was Tweeted at the start of the London 2012 Olympics. The rest, as they say, is history. Soon after Tweeting, he was featured in the million reader title, Metro News and was asked to exhibit for 2 months at Hilton's Trafalgar Hotel in London.

He has recently completed special commissions for Madison Genesis and Castelli.

EDITORS: More details, call Mark on 07970965397.